Strawberry applesauce

Strawberry applesauce

My local store just had a huge sale on honeycrisp apples.  99 cents a lb. and I just had to buy a whole bunch.  Most will be eaten as apples, but we all love applesauce at my house.
Today, my kids and I made a new recipe.  No sugar added strawberry applesauce!  It turned out great!!

Recipe will make 5 pints of applesauce

10 med. apples (I used honeycrisp) washed and cored, I left skins on (10 cups when chopped)
4c frozen strawberries (yes, you can use fresh)
1 tsp. cinnimon
Juice of one lemon
1c water

First you need to wash and core your apples.  After, you need to chop into smaller pieces.  I found that putting them through the french fry maker worked great.

After you cut all the apples, put them and the strawberries, lemon juice, water, and cinnamon into the Instant Pot.  You may need to squish it all down.  

Now, set the top for pressure, turn IP on, and set manual, 8 min.  You are going to allow to natural pressure release.
After it is all out of steam, and you can open it, you will find beautiful, red applesauce.

You can mix around and keep it chunky.  We like smooth at my house, so I took a stick blender, and blended.

Allow to cool completely.  You can put into bags and freeze, or you can eat it all now, or you can bottle it and can.  
I hope you enjoy. :) 


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