Quinoa flat bread

Quinoa flat bread

I have gotten several requests for the quinoa recipe I use.  I am not the original maker of this bread, honestly, I have no clue who was the first.  
I use this several times a day sometimes.  It can be sandwich bread, pizza crust, flatbread, pretty much anywhere you would use bread.  It is so easy to make too, and you can make a few, and freeze them.  (BONUS!!)

Ingredients: (BASIC) you can add whatever seasonings you want.

1c dry quinoa
3/4c water

You will need a good blender, and a nonstick pan.  (it can be made in the oven, I have never done it though)

Pour your quinoa into a fine strainer, and rinse well under running water.
Let drain for a moment.
Put into a blender, and add the water.
Blend on high for a few minutes, until it is smooth like pancake batter.

Heat up your biggest nonstick pan, over medium heat. (about 4 minutes)
Add the batter in the middle.

Tip and rotate the pan in a circular motion to distribute the batter.

Now leave it alone.  DON'T TOUCH!!!  Just let it set up.  You want it to go until it is dry on top, and when you jiggle the pan, it moves around freely.

Place a plate over the top, and invert the bread onto the plate.

Carefully, slide the bread, uncooked side, into the pan.

Allow to cook for another 5-6 minutes, and remove from the pan.

Cut how you want, and serve.  It is filling, healthy, no oil, and no soaking required. :)


  1. Quinoa flat bread looks so yummy.I like this innovative recipe,it has some special ingredients which make it super delicious.Thanks for this relish recipe.

  2. I’ve been lurking over your recipes and decided to try this one. I can’t find any flat bread without oil. Oh my this was simple and just what I was looking for. Thanks Michael

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