Fat free flour tortillas

Fat free flour tortillas

I am a sucker for flour tortillas.  Especially when they are thick and warm. Since going plant based though, I have had trouble finding anything I can eat.  I will be the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of whole wheat tortillas, but this has taken that issue away for me.  
This tortilla recipe can be doubled or tripled and then stored in the fridge and warmed up over the week.  

1 1/2c sifted flour (unbleached)
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2c water
dash of salt (optional)
In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients and with a whisk, mix well. Add the water all at once and mix with a spoon just until a dough forms. Then get your hands dirty and knead in the bowl until you have a good dough ball. (I kneaded for about 10 minutes total). Cover with plastic wrap and walk away for 25 minutes and let the ball rest.
After 25 minutes, you want to take out of the bowl and cut into 4-5 pieces. Roll each piece into a ball and then cover with the plastic wrap and work one at a time. (while you are doing this, pre heat a large non stick pan over medium heat, so its super hot)
I placed on a very lightly floured surface, placed dough ball in center, and with the back of a plate, smashed the ball down to give me a good circle shape. Then I rolled it out the rest of the way until desired thickness.

Place on hot pan and let the magic begin. About 20 second in, bubbles will form.

Wait until about 30-35 seconds and turn. Let the other side cook for 30 seconds.

That is it! Place in a dish cloth covered or do the ziplock bag. Then, after they are all done, you can stuff and roll and dry fry crispy. As you take them off the heat, cover with a dish towel or I place a few paper towels in a gallon size ziplock and put the hot tortilla in between.  Make sure to zip the bag closed in between each tortilla.  This will allow them to steam and be more flexible and chewy.  Most of all enjoy!!


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