Easy Korean black bean potatoes

Easy Korean black bean potatoes

Well, this will probably be one of the easiest recipes you will make.  Honestly, you can throw this together so fast, IF you make your potatoes ahead.  
I always have three main Korean sauces in my fridge at all times.  

These are the three sauces that I use all the time.  They last for months in the fridge, and they add amazing flavor to so many of my dishes.  Having these on hand will allow you to throw together 
Lets concentrate on the last one, the black bean paste.  Talk about a unique flavor.  It is earthy and deep.  It is not spicy, just full amazing flavors.  
I ate this for breakfast, but you could use it for any meal, as a main dish or a side.  Add some mushrooms or other veggies.


5 medium yukon gold potatoes, precooked (I steamed) and cut into bite sized cubes. ( I find that this works better if you let them sit overnight in the fridge)
1 heaping tablespoon black bean paste (see illustration above)
2 teaspoons chopped garlic
1-2 tablespoons maple syrup
2-3 tablespoons water

Place a large, nonstick saute pan on medium heat.  While it is heating up, cut up your cooked potatoes.   When the pan is hot, add the potatoes and spread out evenly.  Now, don't touch them.  Let them start to brown.  
In about 10 minutes, check a few and see if they move easily.  If they are sticking, wait another minute or so.  Then gently turn all the pieces.  You want to try and get all the sides browned up.
When you are happy with the potatoes being browned (it can take 10-20 minutes) make a clearing in the middle of the pan, and add the black bean paste, garlic, maple syrup and water.  
Mix around with either your spatula or a wooden spoon until it is smooth. Then start adding the potatoes into the mix, and make sure you cover all of them. Cook for another 5 minutes, stirring the whole time to make sure everything is evenly covered. 
Serve right away.  You can garnish with some chopped green onions and sesame seeds if you want.
One variation of this would be to add 1-2 tsp. of the gochujang red pepper paste, and then it becomes a spicy blend.
This really does come together fast.  I hope you are inspired to have some of these ingredients available in your fridge.  It really does make meal time fast and delicious.  


  1. This will be my next try out recipe. Maybe add some gochugaru. I like some kick.


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